Medical Courier Job Description Template

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The opening paragraph is a great place to add an overview of the job. (e.g., Do you play a vital role in fast-paced environments and thrive on ensuring accuracy and efficiency? As a Medical Courier, you'll be a critical member of our team, responsible for the prompt and secure delivery of medical specimens, medications, and/or lab tests.)

Vehicle Required

[ Insert if candidates will be required to use their own vehicle or if a company provided vehicle will be issued. (e.g., Must Provide Own Reliable Vehicle - Company Vehicle NOT provided.)]

[ Insert any specific vehicle type requirements. Including cargo area dimensions, or  vehicle age (e.g. Sedan, SUV, minivans, or cargo vans are acceptable. Vehicle must be 2010 or newer)].

Insurance Required

Must have current vehicle insurance and can meet [ Insert Specific Insurance Requirement (e.g., $100/$300k/$50K minimum requirement.)]

Work Schedule

[ Insert Work Schedule Here (e.g., Monday-Friday, 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM OR On-call schedule with flexible hours. )]

Pay Rate

[ Insert Pay Rate Here (e.g., Hourly wage, Salary, Per Mile, or Per-delivery rate)]


  • Safely transport medical specimens, medications, and/or sensitive documents using a personal vehicle according to company protocol.
  • Ensure proper handling and secure storage of medical items throughout transport, adhering to temperature and handling requirements.
  • Deliver items to designated locations within timeframes and following established routes.
  • Maintain a professional and courteous demeanor when interacting with patients, healthcare personnel, and colleagues.
  • Document deliveries accurately, collect signatures when required, and maintain detailed records.
  • Communicate effectively with dispatch and management regarding delivery status, delays, or any concerns.

Skills & Qualifications

  • Valid driver's license with a clean driving record.
  • Ability to operate a personal vehicle safely and efficiently.
  • Strong organizational skills and time management abilities to complete daily tasks.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills to interact professionally with various stakeholders.
  • Ability to work independently with minimal supervision.
  • Proficient in reading, comprehending, and following instructions.
  • Meticulous attention to detail and a strong work ethic.
  • Fluency in written and spoken English [or language required for the position].
  • Must be HIPAA compliant [Insert If Company Training Will Be Provided For Required Certifications.].
  • Ability to use GPS navigation or maps to locate destinations.

Skills & Qualifications

  • The position requires frequent sitting, driving, and getting in and out of the vehicle.
  • Ability to walk, bend, stoop, reach, and lift objects weighing up to 25 lbs.
  • Appropriate work attire and footwear suitable for driving, bending, lifting, and varied weather conditions.
  • Good hearing and vision, including near and farsightedness, depth perception, and focus adjustment.


[List any benefits offered by the company, e.g., health insurance, paid time off, fuel reimbursement program.]

Company Overview (Optional)

[Briefly describe your company, its mission, and values.]

How To Apply

[Provide instructions on how to apply for the position, e.g., link to application form, email address]

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